Case Study - LiftRite Hire & Sales


LiftRite is a Hire & Sales company that was founded in Perth in 1983.

LiftRite provides world-class materials handling solutions to the construction, mining and agricultural industries.

From humble beginnings LiftRite has grown to employ more than 70 sales, hire and service professionals and support staff.
The Elev8 System arrives

In the process of expansion, LiftRite identified the need to implement an efficient, tried and tested, Hire/Rental Asset Management system.

LiftRite industry contacts naturally recommended the InspHire ERP System.

Making the choice to proceed with implementing InspHire was simple with Elev8 renowned system support.

Six years later LiftRite continue to enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity in control of their day to day activities.

The InspHire product continues to be enhanced and improved as a result of a dedication to R&D.

The Data Link System arrives

In 2014 LiftRite were investigating the concept of introducing a Field Service Mobility (FSM) solution to their Field Service team.

They needed to streamline job handling and dispense with labour intensive and costly paper based processes.

Elev8 Australia and Datalink Technologies (a specialist in Field Service Mobility solutions), were already well down the track of a joint development in that style of integrated FSM solution, which enables Data Link's FSM application to interface directly with the Elev8's InspHire ERP system.

The successful system and product relationship between Datalink and Elev8 Australia resulted in LiftRite implementing their specific business solution based on the platform.

How it works
The Assets:

 In the field, datalink installs the Panasonic Toughpad "ruggedised" Tablet with enhanced capabilities
Note: LiftRite required the vans be treated as a 'warehouse', which easily configures within the Data-link and Elev8 platforms.
The vehicles are fitted with dedicated in-vehicle trackers. This ensures control over the assets of both vehicle and stock, also allowing total visibility of the technician/job/site/vehicle relationship.
The Process:

Jobs are allocated to the technician's unique identity in the InspHire system
The technician logs on to his Tablet and receives all allocated jobs.
The technician follows the set job process from 'acceptance' through to 'completion'.
On completion of the job, all of the job data is sent back to InspHire.
This data includes: Work Completed, Parts Used, Technician Hours
The Benefit:

 Reduction of data entry for administrative staff
 Onsite data entry by technicians reduces errors, which decreases disputes
 Invoicing can be brought forward as the job information is provided in real time
 Improved response times through allocating closest appropriate resource


The combination of the Elev8 InspHire ERP system and Datalink's Field Service Mobility (FMS) solution (with vehicle tracking) ensures that LiftRite remains in total control of its business processes.

This places LiftRite at the forefront of the Hire & Sales market.