InspHire Transport Module

InspHire Transport Module             InspHire Transport Module

InspHire Transport Module provides InspHire users the ability to manage the mobilisation and de-mobilisation of equipment and assets direct from hire/sale contracts raised within InspHire. All pre delivered contracts appear on a graphical transport management screen as incoming "tiles" at the top of the screen (see the image below)

InspHire Transport Module

The user simply drag and drops the undelivered contract item(s) to one of the available transportation mediums. Transport mediums could be owned vehicle's or subcontracted vehicles or contracted services. As the "loading" process continues total weight and load limits are reflect on screen for the transport manager to over view the process.
Unloading and loading and or changing between transport mediums is as easy as drag and drop. Graphical representation using colours and diagonal lines through each of the tiles provides at a glance perspective of the loading process. InspHire Transport Module

** For those companies physically delivering assets to sites and then allocating assets to contracts such as toilet hire there is a mobile scanning device and auto allocation plug-in available.

Whilst the various loading and unloading process on the transport screen are being made effective InspHires contract on hire off hire status are updated automatically behind the scenes.

Features of InspHire Transport Module:

  • Graphical "drag-n-drop" technology used in transport management screen

  • Fully integrated with core inspHire (Corporate only – Office has the "Day book" facilities similar to Transport Module)

  • Plug-in works with Motorola mobile scanners – Windows mobile 6

InspHire Transport Module
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