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InspHire “Open” provides a live and interactive link from InspHire Office or Corporate versions to your customers via the Internet. InspHire Open provides your customers with the means to:

  • Automatic registration for  customers ease of access
  • Back office security configuration for 3 types of users and roles
  • News and announcements of your company
  • Dashboards – detailing Hire types – Area of use – Costs – Item use area (Google maps)
  • to enquire on contracts they already have Open with you
  • enable them to extend or off hire items on these contracts – direct to the Shopping cart
  • browse other items you allow them to see of your sale/hire inventory
  • Drill down to item level on inventory, including attached documents and images
  • Customer ability to place orders using Shopping cart facility
  • Shopping cart history
  • Browse sites that have contract items located on them
  • View historical invoices and re-print
  • Reports – What’s out where – Invoice report – to name a few

Aside from your customers being able to login and use the system for their own convenience, you may empower your sales staff with the ability to visit customers site's and using an Android device or similar - take orders right there in front of your customer. Allow your sales staff to show your customer details of any items available for sale/hire right there “live” with that particular customer’s rates viewable on screen.

InspHire “Open” can be configured allowing access to the built in Web based Time sheet facility. The Outlook calendar look and feel allows your operational staff to fill out time sheets that post directly back into inspHire’s timesheet area.  You no-longer need your operational field staff to send paper timesheets to your office when they can be anywhere they have Internet access to fill out their own.


You may customise "Open's" look and feel to suit your existing web site. "Open" provides pre-selectable colour palettes and other default settings that are changed by your companies Admin person. If there are more complex changes required then these can either be done by your own Web site designers or Elev8’s

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Settings screen

You have control over all users  via the security area in Open. Sales persons may have access to some or all of your customer’s accounts whilst customers are of course restricted to their own account.

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged User security screen

This screen was developed for those customers needing timesheet entry for staff on remote sites or mobile vehicles. Web browser based the entry screen is easy to use and allows full editing by your staff. Both month and day views allow for easy locating of timesheets entered. Click and drill down into the timesheets to bring up old entries

Click the above image to view enlarged Timesheet screen
Contract Browsing

Full browsing of any contract by either your customer or your sales persons allowing drill down to item level. Additionally your customer may ADD new items to an existing contract using the simple and easy to use shopping cart built into “Open”

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Contract header screen
InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Drill down to accessories screen
Live Sites

If your customers have multiple sites each with multiple contracts then your customers are able to browse these on a single screen with the same drill down as the contract browser.

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Live Sites Screen
Product Browser

This area allows your customers to view some, or all, of your inventory items defined within Insphires “View on Web” check boxes. If allowed to be viewed with “Open” then the customer will be able to view your items in a similar fashion as you do yourself inside Inpshires own inventory browsers. The added difference that the customer may add any item to the Shopping basket with start and finish dates for hire. The customer may checkout their Shopping basket which sends to your InspHires back office “ebusiness” management screen for actioning.

Your customer is sent an email acknowledging that he/she has ordered those items and that they are currently being processed.

Your staff admin people will immediately see the incoming web order and by using the ebusiness processing screen easily raise contract quotes, or extend existing contracts, off hires or add new items to existing contracts. Once the action has been completed your customer will be sent notification that there order has been processed and is currently in a delivery status.

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Product browser screen
Invoice Query

Your customers will now be able to enquire on their entire invoice history with ability to drill down and re-print to item level.

InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Invoice list screen
InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Drill down to invoice item level

Reports available within inspHire can be enabled in “Open”. By default there are a few reports that are generically considered helpful for customers to view however this can be extended depending on your requirements.

Full graphical dashboards are initially displayed when your customer/staff login in. Like in reports these can be configured to the individual requirements. Here are some samples:
InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Screen
InspHire Open
Click the above image to view enlarged Screen
InspHire Open
InspHire Open