InspHire Office eLearning

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InspHire Office eLearning Training Courses

Now InspHire users have access to online eLearning courses that provide you the ability to learn at your own pace when you want – where you want!. The course has been designed by the experts with the main aim of providing participants with the basic skills to commence using Insphire Office in the work place.

The course objectives are to provide the new user with skills to login, navigate and use most of InspHire Office’s menu options. Suited for new users of Insphire Office.Great for getting new employees up to speed in your business. Saving your business both the time of other staff having to train the new employee or having to pay external trainers.
What InspHire Office eLearning Course Covers
  • Logging in to inspHire
  • Finding your way around inspHire
  • Help Within inspHire
  • Viewing information in inspHire
  • Putting Equipment on Hire
  • Entering equipment onto a Contract
  • Documents Printed from the Contract
  • Arranging a Collection
  • Off Hiring Equipment
  • Invoicing
  • Preview Run
  • Invoice Run
  • Add Suppliers to an Asset
  • Adding Service Periods
  • Adding Extra information to the Asset
  • Entering the Depot Level
  • WorkShop Checking for Services Due
  • Job Sheet / Updating Workshop Job
  • Completing a Workshop Job
  • Creating a Repair Job
  • Adding a Job Manager or Contractor
  • Adding a Job Description
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Adding Items to a Purchase Order
  • Adding a Text Item
  • Adding an existing or new item
  • Adding To an Existing Item
  • Printing the Purchase Order
  • Goods Received
  • Invoices Received

Only $199 ex GST per course participant

New InspHire Office eLearning Courses will be made available In the future

Robyn Mulvey

Sales/Marketing Manager