PPSR for Insphire hire and rental software

New governmental legislation forcing hire and rental companies to be diligent in registering and deregistering plant and equipment on each hire contract, has meant more compliance for business in the industry, John Marshall, Managing Director Elev8 Australia said.

"All this has an overhead irrespective of the registration fees set by the PPSA."

"According to John, notwithstanding, the risk for business interpreting the legislation that is by no means simple. "If you get it wrong it could mean expensive equipment lost to a customer's business demise.

PPSR for InspHire Hire and Rental software
PPSR for InspHire Hire and Rental software

"There have been stories in the industry of hire businesses not registering expensive plant to customers who have subsequently entered into liquidation and that equipment sold off to settle creditors' claims. Despite efforts made in recovering equipment it boils down to having the equipment registered properly with the PPSR.

"Equally good news stories of business having registered the equipment and in a similar circumstance retried their property without fuss or delay," he-said.

Elev8 Australia has introduced Insphire Hire and Sales Software with PPSA Automation.

"InspHire users now have access to seamless registering and de-registering ofplant and equipment as the hire contract is placed on or off hire automatically from within InspHire I s Hire and Sales Software," John said.

"Inspl-lire believes it is the first hire and rental software to provide this functionality for its customers, a claim not made lightly. Leading PPSA consulting firms in Australia that have seen the software have made this statement.

"To be more specific there is no double handling of hire transactions involved unlike many other software offerings. InspHire's PPSR module provides an automated or optional manual registration process the instant the hire equipment deemed to be subject to PPSR with the government provided PPSR web portal. Confirmation from the portal is sent to InspHire in the form of both a token ID and an email from the PPSA web portal.

PPSR for InspHire Hire and Rental software

"The reverse of this occurs during a deĀ­ registration process. The handling of all PPSR is automatic or can be made to provide a manual decision process just prior to the actual web portal registration/ deregistration.

"The whole aim is to minimise the resources needed to manage the PPSR for InspHire users.

"lnspHire are committed to continually update the PPSR module as and when the PPSA legislation changes. This has been the case leading up to the initial 'live ' release of the PPSR and since.

"The module provides a simple and transparent but effective means for InspHire I s users when hiring expensive assets to customers. It's just another feature of what is becoming a product of choice among rental businesses in Australia and New Zealand."
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