Insphire Mobile

Insphire Mobile - Working on the Move

Cut down on paper, help the environment and become slicker and better at what you do at the same time. With inspHire Apps you can keep in touch with your team out on the road without even trying.
Send new jobs like collections, deliveries, exchanges and even breakdowns to drivers and capture signatures and photos on delivery and collection thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels as you are able to provide a better, more efficient, level of customer service, putting you ahead of your competitors. 
Insphire Mobile Give your sales team access to critical customer information like turnover this year, historical rentals and what equipment customers have on rent now.
Find customers in a given area using GPS locations and be more productive by visiting them as well. Call or email them with a single click from the same information.
Insphire Mobile
  • Allocations – When the booking is confirmed and the equipment needs picking, use inspHire Mobile Rental solution on any android device to allocate stock and equipment to a contract, you can type in the numbers if you prefer but we would recommend using the barcode reader functionality for speed and efficiency
  • Deliveries/Collections – Push deliveries direct to your driver’s Android phone or device, capture signatures and photographs at delivery and collections and amend the items if required.
  • Book in/out of Service and Repair.
  • Remote testing certification. Test results are instantly updated in the inspHire core Rental software
inspHire iX - Enpower your sales team
Insphire Mobile
  • Product info – View pictures and spec sheets for each type of your equipment as well as allowing access to individual pieces of equipment for viewing and printing of test certs and other item specific documents.
  • Customer info – View customers’ details such as main contact, email address or map location as well as rental history. A historical GPS enabled Map also shows customers in your immediate vicinity so you can make the most of the day and visit multiple customers with all up to date customer information at your fingertips.
  • Dashboards – Keep your finger on the pulse even when you not in the office with inspHire Dashboards. View key business data and keep track of your KPI’s instantly.
Insphire Mobile
Insphire Mobile

Robyn Mulvey

Sales/Marketing Manager