Parts Ordering
Parts Ordering
inspHire Workshop                                                                                   Parts Ordering

Parts Ordering and Advanced Features

  • Back to Back Purchase Orders – If you do not have the correct parts in stock or if you need to buy in miscellaneous items inspHire Workshop integrates with inspHire's Purchase Order Processing module. This allows parts to be ordered directly off the Workshop module. This can also be used for 3rd part repairs, testing or calibration
  • Linking into the Automatic Orders Function – Many users of inspHire Workshop have very varied stocks of parts which take a lot of time and effort to keep track of. inspHire Workshop integrates with the Automatic Orders feature of inspHire allowing you to keep the correct parts in stock at all time.
  • Templates – If you have regular activities and parts that are used on a particular service you can set Job Templates within the system. When that type of equipment is booked in for a 400 hour service inspHire will know exactly what parts and labour are required for that service, saving precious time looking for the information.