Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty - InspHire CRM

Enhance Customer Loyalty and Prospect Management

  • Prospects and Accounts - Information held against your active accounts and prospects is easy to compile. As your prospects are converted to accounts all the information you have stored will move with them.
  • Configurable Data Capture – inspHire CRM is infinitely configurable, you can capture all the information you need to against each customer or prospect. Multiple list of values allow the user to group customers or accounts into different industries or list different types of equipment that a customer may want to rent from you.
  • Activities - Activities can be set against customers and prospects and can be tracked by either individual users or within the system as a whole. Views can be built to identify all customers with no recent phone calls or site visits, giving your sales teams simple and relevant information at the click of a button.
  • Activity Types – inspHire CRM has predefined activity types such as meetings, telephone calls, emails, letters, mail merges, but you can rename these activities and even create your own activity types that fit in with the way your company works.
  • Multiple Contacts - inspHire CRM allows multiple contacts against customers. Contacts can be identified as 'Primary' or other status such as 'Finance Director' or 'Operations Manager' for example. Each contact can have their own customisable values and individual activities. inspHire CRM can work by Account, Prospects or Contacts.
  • Emailing - Emails can be dragged from Microsoft Outlook into inspHire CRM. This creates an activity and attaches it to the sender’s record in inspHire CRM using their email address as a reference. Any attachments are automatically added to the email activity for easy retrieval from inspHire CRM.
 Customer Loyalty